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Did you know it is a requirement to service your heat pump annually to maintain its warranty?

Heat pumps are great technology and can keep your house cosy and warm at low costs. They are initially commissioned and set up to be at their most efficient and effective. It is essential to service annually to maintain this. 

We at Heat Pump Services can maintain your heat pump. We have many clients on our database whom we contact annually and organise their service.

We also offer a full installation service. We can work directly with our client, or with our client’s builder to deliver the correct unit at the correct price for our client’s needs.

We are fully SEAI registered and will work with you through the grant process if required.

Of course, we also do repairs.

Feel free to drop us a line if you have any questions or concerns.



Installing a heat pump in a new property will be a large step towards meeting the Part L Building regulations.

It is also much easier to install Underfloor Heating (UFH) in a new build where the floors haven’t been laid yet. Heat pumps are extremely efficient when they run at low temperatures which makes them ideally suited to UFH applications where a lower primary flow temperature is required (30-35°C).

A proven but relatively new technology to the Irish market air-to-water heat pumps offer an energy-efficient, low-carbon solution to a households heating and domestic hot water needs. We, as a nation are becoming more and more aware of our carbon footprint and the need to reduce carbon emissions. As such, new technologies like heat pumps are becoming more commonplace as we move away from fossil fuels such as oil and gas to alternate, cleaner sources of energy to heat our homes.


An air-source heat pump is a perfect option for your home whether it’s a new-build project with underfloor heating or as part of a deep retrofit on an existing home.

An air source heat pump absorbs heat from the air outside into a fluid. This is fed through a compressor to increase its temperature, and transferred to the indoor heating and hot water distribution network. Essentially, air source heat pumps work like a refrigerator in reverse. The outside fan unit is usually positioned on an external wall.

Yes, but radiators must be adequately-sized. Air source heat pumps work best with underfloor heating, because of the ability to deliver constant low-grade heat. Underfloor heating will work well with flow temperatures as low as 35 degrees celsius. However, if your radiators are large enough to cater for a low flow temperature, they will be suitable for your air source heat pump.

Some clients have underfloor heating on the lower floors, and large radiators on upper floors of the property. It’s about ensuring that you have the right heat distribution system in place to benefit from the efficient operation of an air source heat pump. Contact us for more information.

No, they are quiet systems. This reputation is undeserved. Modern air source heat pumps are not noisy if they are installed correctly. Because it has working parts, the fan unit may reach 40-60 decibels from a metre away, but this isn’t common. Even so, this level of noise is not disruptive and decreases considerably as you move further away from the unit.

Typically, these systems last for 15-20 years. However, they have been known to work for longer. With annual servicing and good care, an air source heat pump is an investment that continues to deliver returns over decades.

Air source heat pumps are between 200% and 400% efficient. This means they produce 2-4 times the amount of heat compared to the energy they use. This might change slightly during colder months, but the heat pump will still be able to power heating and hot water efficiently. For more information about efficiency variations, get in touch with us.

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“HPS and Derek are very reliable to deal with.
They always show up when they say they will and are very responsive to our needs.
The lads are always clean, courteous and very aware that we are a live shop and need to work around us and our customers at all times.
Recently the crew embarked on an energy-saving audit for us and we are excited to see the final draught.

We hope to continue to work with Derek and hps for a long time into the future.”
Kevin O’Mahony
Compliance Manager, Musgrave Marketplace Cork